Wednesday, May 20, 2015

不同的选择,不同的命运! -- 这有比药更好的方案

不同的选择,不同的命运!  -- 这有比药更好的方案


JEUNESSE  - 奇迹总因有你!   让婕斯呵护去我们的家庭!

Different choose Different result --  There is better way than medicine!

Peking University Professor Xu Qian five years ago had an incurable disease ___ "myasthenia gravis"; and Canada was well-known barrister 洪炳政 same incurable disease; they are both successful. There are different ways to treat the dead: a barrister Hong Bingzheng, choose to go to Switzerland to perform euthanasia; and Professor Xu Qian was looking for space food, he wants people ascended into space, a variety of the planet ray blessing shoot a lot more serious than the Earth, people want to return Earth various human tissue cells, muscle body is not destroyed, it must be a special food, Professor Xu search space food experts from the Internet, he find Jiang, MD, Papa! He invented product can scan the body's good cells and then cloned new cells, so as to achieve the purpose of eternal life. He was anguished, 48 years old, he would have to die? Wait muscle fibrosis, becomes liquid? He searched and searched and finally found Pei Quan essence, eating 4_5 packet a day, three months after he would eat noodles, stomach began to work, after six months, the body is not hurt! Professor Xu see more than 70 years of expert eat, he ate quietly, secretly eat, do not tell anyone! Until a female colleague of his school asked him what made him good health secret? Because her mother had lymphoma, lung cancer, liver cancer, and type 2 diabetes, systemic spread, doctors can not cure infertility, he reluctantly told her! Several filial sons and daughters mothers eat five packs a day, three months after his mother eat porridge, the doctor said return light albedo, six months after the mother eat cooked rice, then good. Later, people send special dedicated access to Professor Xu, dedicated to director-level figures speak Jie Adams miracle on him! He not only did not die, to live is still very valuable and can help the state more like him was abandoned for doctors! Jie Andean products in the clone every cell, organ, Moms!

JEUNESSE  - Miracle always happen!

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